No matter how far we have travelled, when we look back it's always a landscape.

As a child born in a worker's family, Haiwen Chen even couldn't afford a camera, but now he becomes the founder of Shanghai Museum of Old Camera Manufacturing.In order to learn photography, he had climbed Huang Mountain for several hundred times. But now he has won the highest award in China Photography Awards “Golden Statue Award for China Photography” twice in a row.

Born in 1958, Shanghai.

The tenth and eleventh members of the Shanghai Municipal Committee of the CPPCC

The vice chairman of World Chinese Photography Union

The vice chairman of China Industrial Photography Association

The vice chairman of Shanghai Photography Association

Used to be in charge of the magazine “Shanghai Photography” for ten years

The founder of Shanghai Museum of Old Camera Manufacturing

The winner of the eighth and the ninth Golden Statue Award for China Photography, the highest award in China Photography Awards

In charge of several important judges in both Chinese and foreign competitions and planning large and influential photographic events

As a editor, photographer and publisher, Haiwen Chen has published many photographic books, including:"Harmonious China Features of China 56 Ethnic Groups","World Heritages in China","A Happy Existence---Chen Haiwen's Photographic Records of His Journey","Old Industries in Shanghai","Impression of Shanghai","ShanghaiŸChina","Night in Shanghai","Digital Shanghai","Bird's-Eye View of Shanghai","Peace & Prosperity---Classical buildings of Jingan District, Shanghai","Classical Huangpu", "Inheritance---The Treasure of Heritage Architectures in Modern Shanghai","Classical Buildings of Shanghai","Shanghai Shikumen","Tianzi Fang --- Vibrant Lanes in Shanghai","The most influential photographers in China","5Ÿ12 Wenchuan Earthquake in China","A Sight Amid Phoenix Tress---Sinan Mansions on Century-old Sinan Road of Shangha","The Bund","Impression of England","Those days were commemorated---The Image Diary of Shanghai Disney Land Construction", etc..

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